Savasana – Corpse Pose / Ananda asana – Blissful pose

Savasana – Corpse Pose

Ahhh…. what an amazing pose! I just love it :) I know you may say ‘What’s so great about it?’ and you are right, it took me a while to fully understand, appreciate and acknowledge all that this pose can provide, but finally I think I am on the right track 😉

This is one of the beautiful and relaxing asanas performed at the beginning and the end of each yoga session.

Although the name may not be appealing to many, it clearly describes the pose. ‘Sava’ means ‘Dead Body’ as when one performs this asana, it gives the appearance of a dead body, therefore an English translation – ‘Corpse pose‘.

Some other traditions call this asana – ‘Ananda‘ asana which means ‘Blissful Position‘ as it brings a feeling of inner peace and quiet.

In the end it does not matter how one calls it, what’s more, important is how one practises it and understands why we use this asana at the start, the end and sometimes during the yoga session – read more: The Power of Full Relaxation


By practising this position one enjoys perfect peace, ease, comfort and relaxation and experiences complete physical, mental and spiritual relaxation, which is a key experience of yoga.
The more one’s body and mind are relaxed:

  • the deeper one can go into each asana
  • each asana can be held for a longer period of time in complete peace
  • pranayama and meditation can be practised successfully
How to practise:

Bring yourself both externally and internally into a quiet space allowing at least 5-10min for this practice. Slowly and gently lie down on your back. Make sure that the spine is straight but relaxed. Observe the lower back area. If there is a space (arch) between your back and the mat, gently bend your knees and bring your lower back closer to the mat, then slowly slide/take the legs down. All your limbs are evenly spread, straight and relaxed. Legs are apart and toes are facing outward. Roll the shoulders up, back and down to release any remaining tension – keep them relaxed. Arms are apart, palms facing upward. Gently bring the chin closer to the chest to lengthen the neck spine. Keep your eyes gently closed and breathe :)
This position might be uncomfortable for some of you at the beginning, keep your knees bent during the early stages of practising this asana to ease any tension and to allow you to relax completely.

  • Full body relaxation
  • Full mind relaxation
  • Space to connect, listen and observe one’s body and mind
  • Development of inner peace and contentment
To observe:
  • Lower back closer to the mat (not big arch)
  • Chin closer to the chest to lengthen the neck spine
  • Legs and arms apart
  • Palms facing up – relaxing the shoulder and elbow joints and also signals receptiveness
  • Sholders relaxed
  • Eyes closed
  • Body aligned – spine straight, limbs evenly spread
  • If one finds hard to lie down with legs being straight it might be helpful to start with bent knees.


Enjoy this beautiful pose and gain all the benefits.

Remember, the practice of yoga is a joy!


Source: Book: Yoga in Daily Life, Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course Book, personal practice

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Savasana - Corpse Pose / Ananda asana - Blissful pose
Why is one of the beautiful and relaxing asanas - Savasana (Corpse pose) performed in the beginning and the end of each yoga session. Understand benefits of the asana and what to observe.
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