What to expect?

During therapy

A confidential case history will be requested at the beginning of each session (general health background, current health and any contraindications which may make massage unsuitable). Each treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs.

A mat on the floor is used for the massage. Blanket is used to cover the body if needed and only the area which is being focused on will be uncovered at a time. Clients keep their clothing on therefore it is suggested to wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed without using oil.

Relaxing music will be played during the treatment as it can help you to relax and sink into the massage. Please feel free to ask for silence if you prefer. The same goes for talking, keeping silence or talking is perfect as long as you are comfortable and relaxed.

After therapy

Generally, keep yourself warm and remain in a quiet state for as long as possible, enjoying the feeling of released tension and the flow of new energy through your body.

Later, after massage, your muscles may also feel as if they have had a work-out and may feel tired. This is completely normal and should go away over the next couple of days leaving you with a lighter and relaxed body. This usually happens if the massage treatment was either the first in your life or follows a long break in massage treatments. These effects should lessen after subsequent treatments. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment as it can help the body to flush out toxins. It is also advisable to have a light meal and not to drink alcoholic drinks after the treatment.



Come and join me in public classes or private sessions that are designed to be comfortable for everyone and create a relaxing environment in which to connect with one’s body and to get all the benefits that yoga offers. Everyone can do and benefit from doing yoga!




Experience treatments that are wonderfully soothing for the nervous system and help bring you to a greater awareness of your body and mind.