Meet Me

My wish is to bring many aspects of life together and share the essence and beauty of one’s life through the practice of yoga, meditation, relaxation, pranayama, kriya yoga, living consciously and more…

Yoga entered my life in late 1999, although the standard stretching classes I attended at first didn’t connect with me, I discovered the real essence, art and practice of yoga 4 years later when I joined the System of Yoga in daily life tradition founded by Swami Maheshwarananda. This path led me to understand the real practice of yoga – the union of body, mind and spirit and I developed the wish to share this with others.

My aim is to share the pure essence and benefits of yoga and a healthy approach to life with everyone, no matter their age, size, background or condition.

I received my yoga teacher diploma at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre – Forest Academy in India, an opportunity I am deeply grateful for.

Join me in walking the path to explore the wonderful moments of life; the creativity within…

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Come and join me in public classes or private sessions that are designed to be comfortable for everyone and create a relaxing environment in which to connect with one’s body and to get all the benefits that yoga offers. Everyone can do and benefit from doing yoga!