Let me take you on a journey…

Welcome to Walking the path – a space where I bring many aspects of life together and share the essence and beauty of one’s being through the practice of yoga, meditation, pranayama, massage therapy, kriya yoga, nurturing vegan food, growing your own organic food and more…

Join me in walking the path to explore the wonderful moments of life, the creativity within…

Private Sessions and Yoga Classes in Reading and west Berkshire.



  • beginners and experienced practitioners
  • pranayama (breath work)
  • relaxation/meditation
  • 1hr and 1.5hrs sessions
  • includes: breathing practice and meditation
  • book HERE

Treat your body,   calm the mind,   connect to the true-self 



Experience treatments that are wonderfully soothing for the muscles and the mind.
Helping you to connect and develop an awareness of yourself.
Leaving you fully relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.