One to One Private Sessions

With all the changes and restrictions we are experiencing at the moment most of us, more than ever before, need to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing.
I am offering private sessions In-Person or private 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 online sessions via Zoom or Skype. Please find more information below.

Private yoga sessions can help you gain a thorough and deep understanding of yoga and its origins; it is also an excellent way to receive the benefits of yoga. Every session is tailored to your body, your health, your goals and your abilities.

This type of practice is for both beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners, people with special needs or after an injury or those who simply cannot fit public classes into their schedule.

Bara has been great at introducing me to yoga and helping develop and challenge me at my own pace and ability…

One-to-One sessions for beginners will help you to gain the confidence that you may lack in group classes. Also, it is a safe place where you have no need to compare yourself with others or hide at the back of the class! You will receive my full attention, including demonstrations, explanations and adjustments. A One-to-One atmosphere ensures that you develop a safe and authentic yoga practice and avoid getting confused, frustrated, or injured when the speed of a group class is not suitable for you.

One-to-One sessions for Intermediate yoga practitioners can explore unusual postures that are not usually included in public classes, develop advanced versions of various postures and deepen the understanding of yoga practice, pranayama, meditation and its spiritual aspect.

Your lifestyle can be inspired by the yogic approach and you may also learn about some Kriya yoga practices (cleansing), fasting and other helpful approaches to heal and keep the body and mind healthy.

One-to-One sessions can be tailored for people with special conditions or after an injury to address specific needs, something which is not possible in group classes. This type of yoga practice presents a perfect opportunity for everyone who suffers from various health conditions (such as Parkinson’s and MS, high body mass index (BMI) or just recovering from an injury) to gain all the benefits of yoga and practice safely.

What to expect:

I have found 1:1 yoga so beneficial in terms of my flexibility, reduction of muscular aches and stiffness, and increasing my all over body strength. It has helped my mind to relax and appreciate and enjoy life even more.

During the first session, there will be a short conversation to discover what you wish to gain from your One-to-One sessions and about your state of health and mind. Then each subsequent session will include a brief review of your progress and well-being.

Each session, you will be practising postures you are familiar with and will be introduced to new postures when appropriate. You will receive guidance on how to practice each posture and be helped to make any physical adjustments needed to go deeper into the experience of practising yoga postures or to relieve pain, practice more safely or discover advanced versions of postures. You will be able to ask questions at any time during the session and you will have an opportunity to explore the practice of pranayama and meditation on a deeper level.

Relaxation, pranayama and meditation practices are part of each session.

Cancellation policy
Please note, that at least one day in advance is requested for cancellation of the private session otherwise 50% of the tuition fee will be charged as it provides insufficient time to offer the slot to someone else.
The canceled session can be rescheduled to a different day within that week if there is an available slot. In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged.

Private Classes Options


  • Everyone (only one person at a time)


  • At my home – RG30 6AT


  • Booking in advance essential


  • £45/1hr
  • £60/1.5hrs

  What to bring:

    • Comfortable loose clothing ideally cotton/linen, socks for relaxation, yoga mat, cushion/yoga block for sitting (I can provide yoga mat and cushion/block if preferred)
    • Not eating heavy food 2hrs prior the session and light food 1hr prior the session
    • A bottle of water for yourself to keep hydrated if you prefer, otherwise I offer herbal/fruit infused water



  • Everyone (max. 2 people/session)


  • Privately in person in the comfort of your home or any other place you choose or via Zoom or Skype


  • Booking in advance essential


  • in person – £45/1hr or £60/1.5hrs – can be shared between 2 people
  • online session – $40/1hr or £55/1.5hrs – can be shared between 2 people

  What to prepare:

  • Comfortable loose clothing ideally cotton/linen, shall/blanket for relaxation, yoga mat, cushion/yoga block for sitting
  • A glass of water for yourself to keep hydrated
  • More information can be found HERE

~ Kind words ~

Bara is a very special person. She is kind, caring, very thorough in her approach and a great, encouraging teacher. You will soon see the benefits of her guidance physically and mentally. Thank you Bara.


~ Kind Words ~

I have practiced yoga for a long time and had many different teachers and Bara has been the one with whom I have learned the most. Thanks Bara for your support and guidance.


~Be there for yourself~ ~ Be mindful ~ Connect within


In Person and Online

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