I’ve long wanted to make yoga a permanent feature in my life. Over the years, I’ve tried many classes but never felt like I “got it” – always unable to feel the benefits I KNEW were available to me. Needless to say, these ventures never lasted for long. My yoga journey was one of frustration. After suffering a back injury, I knew it was time to try something different and I started searching for a one-to-one teacher. From the get-go I was impressed by Bara’s website – the energy was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been practising with Bara for about three months now, and it’s been fantastic. She’s catered the practice to fit around ME and my needs, met me where I’m at, and I feel – for the first time! – I’m making progress. I genuinely can’t recommend her enough! (Private 1 to 1 sessions)

GymHippie, Reading

I have been going to Bara’s ‘s Gentle Yoga classes over the last year and have benefited both physically and mentally from her encouraging and supportive approach . Bara is a wonderful teacher who creates a lovely calm atmosphere around her and is sensitive to the individual needs of everyone in the class. I feel lucky to have found her. (Gentle Yoga Class)

Etta Dearden, Pangbourne

Bara has been teaching me Yoga for nearly 18 months, she is so patient, knowledgable and helps tailor the class depending on what i want to focus on or my energy levels which is great as i have a very demanding job and this flexibility works so well for me. The yoga has really helped me relax, manage my mind and build my balance, posture and core strength. I would highly reccomend Bara as a Yoga teacher. (Private 1 to 1 sessions)

Kayley Taylor, Reading

I have been going to Bara’s yoga classes for 3 years now. She taylors the class to all our abilities and needs. Always feel calm, relaxed and well stretched after class. I look forward to the session each week and we have all bonded through communal yoga practice. (Gentle Yoga Class)

Julie Gray, Reading

I have been attending yoga sessions with Bara for over 6 months now. I like that she has tailored the sessions to my needs as a complete beginner, catering for both the mental and physical aspects. I am an allied health professional and see people with back and neck pain all the time. We are always encouraging people to be active. I have found yoga as taught by Bara to be wholesome as it encompasses the physical exercise and the mental aspects. I have made huge progress in the time I have been practising yoga with Bara. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to embark on yoga to look no further. Bara is very knowledgeable in the anatomy and physiology and explains the benefits of the various poses and routines in very simple understandable language.(Private 1 to 1 sessions)

Liberty, Reading

i love the yoga class that i attend which is taught by bara.I feel the classes are beneficial both physically and mentally.There is a good mix of postures ,breathing,and wonderful relaxation.At all times bara makes the class feel safe and people are encouraged to work with their own body and go at their own pace. (Yoga Class)

Alan Hobden, Pangbourne

Classes with Bara have been fantastic!, time is a gift that you can give to yourself and this is exactly what Bara’s classes encourages you to do with no judgment or preconceptions just patience and understanding, all of the class members are at different stages of there life and have individual aspirations for what they would like to achieve, better fitness, relieving discomfort or just some head space or quiet time. All welcome (Gentle Yoga Class)

Harriet Bunker, Reading

Bara is an experienced and articulate yoga teacher. I have been attending one to one sessions with Bara for around one year. Bara is patient and has an understanding of what I need to focus on at each session. Her guidance is invaluable and I find myself a different person from when I walk in to when I walk out in such a positive way. I would highly recommend Bara’s yoga classes for students at any level in their journey, you will get so much more than just a yoga session!❤️ (Private 1 to 1 sessions)

Sharron Burton, Reading

After over a year of restricted movement due to medical procedures I came to Bara with the hope of regaining control over my body. Willing to work hard but highly unsure of my physical capabilities, we began working in the frame of my capabilities. I am learning to move, to breath and to work my body again, which is extremely important due to my professional as a performer artist.
Bara is great in every way, full of knowledge and empathy, she took me on a journey not only through the physical realm but also onto the spiritual one.
I cannot recommend her enough!(Private 1 to 1 sessions)

Or Williams, Reading

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It has been a really important source of strength and balance for me to have private yoga lessons with Bara. I would recommend to people interested in yoga and also spiritual practice. I have practiced yoga for a long time and had many different teachers and Bara has been the one with whom I have learned the most. Thanks Bara for your support and guidance. (Private 1 to 1 sessions)

Joanna Ribeiro, Reading

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These classes are so beautiful and relaxing, using authentic and traditional methods that can be applied by anyone, I was a complete novice when starting! Bara caters the classes for those attending and is very in tune with people’s experience. I suffer from sciatica and Bara incorporated yoga techniques that have relieved the pain and stopped the pain coming back so that I could continue to play tennis throughout the Summer, amazing! The best yoga class I’ve been to in Reading, without a doubt! (Mindful Hatha Yoga Class)

Herjeet, Reading

I have attended Bara’s yoga class for about six months now, it was my first time at yoga and was the best thing I have done in a long time. Bara made me feel comfortable straight away and helps when needed but isn’t pushy, and never makes you feel that you can’t do something. I would recommend to anyone who has never tried yoga to try it with Bara as the benefits soon show in mind and body. (Gentle Yoga Class)

Joana, Tilehurst

I started last autumn going to Bara’s yoga sessions and I enjoy them very much. It is such a peaceful time when Bara explains calmly and clearly the movements which are well suited for all abilities and ages. One leaves the sessions feeling well refreshed. I have also enjoyed her massages to relieve any pain or tensions and her advice to feel and eat better.
Thank you Bara for making me feel better. (Gentle Yoga)

Marie Catherine, Pangbourne

Bara is such a kind and gentle person. She makes the yoga so relaxing and enjoyable. I have been to Bara’s class now for about 6 months having never done yoga before. I recommend anyone who is thinking about it to go to one of Bara’s classes. (Gentle Yoga)

Sue, Tilehurst

Bara offers a very personal yoga class tailored to your individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. She is very inclusive and makes everyone feel comfortable. I have been to her class for a year now and certainly feel the benefits, mentally and physically. Highly recommended. (Gentle Yoga)

Lynne, Purley on Thames

An amazing yoga and mindfulness session yesterday with Bara. Really looking forward to the next 9 sessions. Thanks so much. (Introduction to Yoga Sessions)

Julie LeFevre, Purley on Thames