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With all the changes and restrictions we are experiencing at the moment most of us, more than ever before, need to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing.
Some of us find it easier, some of us more difficult, but we all need to stretch our body and maintain a balanced and peaceful mind.

Every week, I will offer a new full-length yoga session video that you can follow at home at the time that suits your schedule – please see below for further information.
I also keep offering online private sessions up to two people per session using ZOOM or Skype.

Where and how to practice
Try to find a space where there is enough room to practise freely. Air the room prior to the session if possible. Wear loose comfortable clothing and keep yourself hydrated with some water nearby. Find a quieter space if possible. Finding a day or two within a week to practice regularly is the most beneficial approach.
Keep practising mindfully, consciously with full connection and awareness to your body and breath. Slow down or rest when you need. Never push yourself into uncomfortable positions. Trust and follow your feelings.

As I am unable to see you while you are practising, cannot adjust you or suggest any alternations for you, I cannot be responsible for any issues that may happen while you are following these videos. If in doubt, contact myself or your physician.


I offer the online sessions for a donation as I understand that some people might be experiencing financial difficulties during this time. If you find these sessions helpful and beneficial and wish to donate, please use either

  • Paypallogomail
  • Bank transfer – please contact me for details
  • if you know about any other way how to donate, please, let me know.

Please find below links to yoga sessions available online. I am also planning to offer some short Relaxation/Meditation sessions, Yoga Nidra and short asana sequence. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if possible.

If you feel that your family and friends might benefit from these sessions, please feel free to share them.

Yoga is like a cornerstone – keeps us grounded, fresh, relaxed, connected and allows us to grow in strength, flexibility and balance so we can be the cornerstone for those


Online Yoga Sessions Available
Gentle yoga video session (1hr)
– £8-10 (depending on personal financial circumstances)
Intermediate yoga video session (1.5hrs) – £10
Private 1 to 1
– please see further information below

Please, contact me to pay via PayPal or a bank transfer and once paid you will be provided with unlimited access to the video of your choice for a week.

Yoga Online

Gentle Yoga is based on Hatha yoga and it is suitable for those who prefer a more laid back session, for elderly people, beginners and those recovering from injuries. These sessions are around 1hr long, including: asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Intermediate yoga is suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners or those with good fitness. These sessions are around 1.5hrs long, including: asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Online 1 to 1 Yoga session is suitable for those who wish to have a more personal approach. Ideal for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their practice or explore.
Zoom application or Skype are used for these sessions and you may need to download and install the Zoom or Skype application that is available on all platforms. Contact me for further information.

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Pranayama means – “extension of the life force”

We can live for days without food or water, but without breath, we won’t survive for long.
Connect to your breath, to your being…




Come and join me in private sessions or public classes that are designed to be accessible for everyone.
Connect with your body, mind and spirit in a relaxing environment and enjoy all the benefits that yoga offers.
Everyone can practice yoga!


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