Chair Seated Yoga

Chair yoga is an adapted style of yoga suitable for anyone who prefers to have more support than using just a mat on the floor.

Chair yoga is a beautiful practice that is accessible for everyone and everybody can benefit from it.
Body exercises are gentle and slow, focusing on the mobility of joints, body balance, stretching muscles and tendons and increasing their flexibility.
Depending on the strength, wishes and balance of the practitioner, there are 3 types of Chair Seated Yoga available:

  • Chair seated yoga on its own
  • Chair seated yoga including a few stretches/postures that use a chair for support
  • A combination of chair seated yoga and practice on the yoga mat.

The session also includes breathing exercises and a relaxation time with meditation.

Benefits of chair yoga:

  • improves strength and body posture
  • improves flexibility
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves coordination
  • helping with stress and anxiety
  • improves mental clarity
  • improves stress and pain management

Each session lasts about 1hour and would be tailored to your needs including:

  • Initial relaxation – time to develop calmness within the body and mind and prepare for the practice of breathing exercises and body exercises. It also serves the purpose of reminding one of their intention and the benefits that yoga brings.
  • Breathing exercise – gentle exercises to remind ourselves of the correct breathing pattern that we tend to lose during our busy, stressful and hectic lives. It helps to increase the lungs capacity, increase the level of oxygen within the body and naturally decrease the level of stress within the body and mind.
  • Body exercise – practice of stretches and strength exercises to increase flexibility, body balance, increase the blood circulation and release any tension in muscles and joints.
  • Final relaxation with meditation – time to quiet the body and mind after the exercise, bring awareness to our mind and practice a gentle mindfulness meditation. It’s been scientifically proofed that meditation can help with stress, anxiety and depression.


Classes Information


  • Privately in the comfort of your home or any other place you choose or
  • At my home studio


  • Booking in advance essential


  • Private sessions starts from £50/1.5hr + travel time and cost or
  • £50/1.5hr at my home studio

  What to bring/prepare:

  • Comfortable and loose/flexible clothing
  • Not eating heavy food 2hrs prior the session and light food 1hr prior the session
  • Stable chair without armrests
  • A bottle of water for yourself to keep hydrated otherwise lemon water can be provided


Come and join me in private sessions or public classes that are designed to be accessible for everyone.
Connect with your body, mind and spirit in a relaxing environment and enjoy all the benefits that yoga offers.
Everyone can practice yoga!