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Yoga is a practice that aims to create harmony in every aspect of our being: body, mind and spirit no matter what your age, body shape, flexibility or vitality.

There are many who think that yoga is only for flexible people and that it is something only physical. This view is misleading.

Gentle yoga is focused on a more gentle approach to yoga postures (asanas) which gently flow through the session. It is suitable for those who prefer a more laid back session, for elderly people and those recovering from injuries.

The approach is soft, overexertion and competitiveness are discouraged.

Benefits of gentle yoga:

  • improves strength and body posture
  • improves flexibility
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves coordination
  • helping with stress and anxiety
  • improves mental clarity
  • improves stress and pain management

Each session lasts about 1hour and would be tailored to your needs including:

  • Initial relaxation – time to develop calmness within the body and mind, create a connection with the body and prepare for the practice of pranayama (breathing) and asanas (body poses). It also serves the purpose of reminding one of their intention and the benefits that yoga brings.
  • Breathing practice (Pranayama)– gentle exercises to remind ourselves of the correct breathing pattern that we tend to lose during our busy, stressful and hectic lives. It helps to increase the lungs capacity, increase the level of oxygen within the body and naturally decrease the level of stress within the body and mind.
  • Body practice (Asana) – a practice of stretches and strength exercises to increase flexibility, body strength, body balance, increase the blood circulation and release any tension in muscles and joints.
  • Final relaxation with meditation – time to quiet the body and mind after the practice, bring awareness to our mind and practise gentle mindfulness meditation. It’s been scientifically proofed that meditation can help with stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace and ability. We are all unique beings with unique abilities and that is what is beautiful about us. No previous yoga experience is required.
  • If you are not sure if the class is suitable for you, please consult with your doctor.


  • Everyone is welcome, no age, shape or flexibility limit
  • Suitable for people after injuries, elderly people or those who prefer more laid back sessions

  What to bring:

  • Comfortable and loose clothing
  • Not eating heavy food 2hrs prior the session and light food 1hr prior the session
  • A bottle of water to keep hydrated
  • A shawl or blanket to keep cosy during meditation and relaxation time

Classes Information


  • The Dolphin Centre
    Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne, RG8 7DA


  • Tuesdays 11-12pm


  • £12/session (drop-in)
  • £10/session (block booking)


  • Hall at St Mary Magdalen Church
    Kentwood Hill
    RG31 6DR


  • Wednesdays 9.30 – 10.30am


  • £11/class (drop-in)
  • £9/session (block booking)


  • At my home – RG30 6AT
  • In the comfort of your home
  • Online (Zoom)


  • Booking in advance essential



  • £45/1hr or £60/1.5hr at my place
  • £45/1hr or £60/1.5hr + travel cost at client’s place


  • £40/1hr or £55/1.5hr (Zoom)

In Person and Online

Join me for In-Person or Online Yoga Sessions:

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