Let’s get growing!

Anyone, literally anyone can grow :) That is great news!

The spring is here and the summer starts knocking on the door. If you haven’t sown anything yet, this is the right time to start.
And now I can hear: ‘I don’t have a place to grow.’ or ‘I don’t have proper plant pots.’

Don’t worry! You don’t need a big space to grow your veggies or even proper plant pots.cardboard growing

You can use anything that you find around your place. I recently got into reusing drinks cardboard boxes.


They are:

  • free
  • easy to use
  • fun to use
  • reusable
  • non-toxic
  • don’t take too much space, especially on the window sill


How to use it:

It is very simple. Cut the box to a size you need. It is easier to cut the side for greens and herbs, for bigger plants is ideal to cut the top so each plant has lots of space. Bigger plants (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkin etc.) may need repotting into a bigger pot or ground once grown big enough.
If you have limited space, growing greens on your window sill are ideal. If you have a patio or garden, you may repot bigger plants into bigger, ideally clay, pots or plant the plants into the ground to enjoy the crop later. It can be also a great fun and learning experience for your kids.

You can also make a few holes at the bottom for drainage and use a tray to capture the water or just limit watering to what your plants need.
I personally use drink cardboard boxes without the layer of aluminium inside as I don’t trust that it doesn’t leave any residue in the drink or the soil. I also stopped using any other plastic materials for planting due to the same fact. It is nice to go back to clay pots, paper rolls and more natural materials.

I am becoming more and more conscious about the amount of plastic we live with every day.
This idea will help us to reduce the amount of plastic, reuse what we have and also reduce the impact on our planet, the Mother Earth.

Enjoy growing your own organic greens, veggies and fruits! And if you don’t like growing food, grow flowers :)

Have fun! Live a healthy, happy and conscious life…